Baby Bibs

Custom Baby Bibs

Whether you are a mom-to-be, an almost aunt or a friend preparing for a baby shower, with have a collection of customizable baby bibs for you to choose from. Baby gifts can be one of the most fun items to shop for - especially when there are many adorable choices of cute bibs to keep that baby clean. Is it a boy or a girl? Do you have the spelling of the baby's first name? That's all you need to get started. You can even choose a monogram bib with just the basics. The 904 Custom baby bibs are made from a soft fleece material to keep both baby and mom happy. Velcro fasteners make the bib easy to take on and off for feeding time.

Begin planning your bib by picking out one of our exciting pattern options. Imagine the new baby all cozy with a polka dot, sprinkles, stripes or animal themed bib. It will be hard to resist the Dinosaurs bib or the funny bibs, which might make parenthood just a little easier. Find a crisp, cursive or boho font as you choose the perfect letters to complete the gift.