Special Occasions for Bible Gift Giving

The Bible is perhaps the most influential and bestselling book ever published. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the Bible has sold more than six billion copies while various portions of the Bible have been translated into at least 3,350 unique languages or dialects. Additionally, Christians, Jews, and Muslims all consider the Bible to be sacred text.

People turn to the Bible for a variety of reasons. Many seek answers or comfort from God, through written scriptures of the Bible, during the most difficult times in their lives. Others enjoy, and look forward to, morning Bible verse readings and spiritual meditation to begin a day filled with hope and inspiration influenced by God’s Word.  Giving the Bible to someone special will be one of the most memorable gifts they receive and will value and appreciate for many years to come.

Here are five life events where you can give a Bible as a gift:

Table of Contents

  1. Baby Christenings or Baptisms
  2. Weddings
  3. Welcoming New Church Members
  4. Graduations
  5. Christmas

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Baby’s Christening or Baptism

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When your newest little bundle of joy is christened in a special ceremony at your place of worship, he or she is beginning a new life filled with faith and officially welcomed into God’s Holy Family! Religious gifts are traditionally given and often personalized with the baby’s name and birthday or christening day. Little ones love to learn as they grow and teaching children about Jesus through a children’s Bible with vibrant pictures and simple stories and verses is the perfect beginning to a life filled with prayer and strong in faith.

Newly Married Couples

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A couple’s wedding day is one of the most exciting experiences and memorable times of their lives, likely their first official event together that will begin a lifetime of love and wonderful memories. There are several ways to incorporate the Holy Bible, keeping in mind which faith the couple practices so that the correct version is used.

Many couples choose to use a Bible during the wedding ceremony, so if you are giving a Bible as a gift consider giving it to the couple as a pre-wedding gift so that they will have it before the wedding day arrives. As a gift, and for safe keeping, giving the Bible in a personalized Bible cover engraved with the couple’s names and wedding date will add a meaningful touch. This is also a wonderful opportunity to lend the happy couple a Bible that has been in the family for generations, or to pass down a Bible from a beloved family member, for example a grandmother, grandfather, or other special loved one.

Recently Welcomed Church Members

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Quite often, churches of various denominations have committees for welcoming new church members. From flowers to baked goods to religious items like rosaries and Bibles, gifts are given as a sign of hospitality that says "we’re glad you’re here." From the youngest children to the oldest people joining your congregation, personalized Bibles make a wonderful gift that will be used and appreciated for years to come.  Add a thoughtful touch by presenting the Bible wrapped in a custom Bible cover that is engraved with a favorite Bible quote, your new member’s name, and the name or logo of your place of worship.

Newly Minted Graduates

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Whether you have a family member or a special friend who is graduating from high school or college, they’re about to embark on a brand new path as they begin to build independent lives. In addition to finding that perfect job and creating new professional and personal relationships, the Bible serves as an excellent gift that will offer them wisdom, comfort, and God’s unending love, while helping them to develop their most profound and important relationship of all with Him. ‘Chokmah,’ the Hebrew word for wisdom, translates to ‘skill in living’, of which the Bible is filled with practical advice for just about all areas of life.

Christmas Gifts

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The true spirit of Christmas includes giving your loved ones something meaningful that reflects the joy and heartwarming spirit of the holidays. For that perfectly personal gift for the loved ones on your Christmas list, a Bible is the perfect reminder of ‘the reason for the season, as they say. Whether in a stocking or under a tree, the gift of a Bible is one they’re sure to enjoy all the year through.

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