Car Gifts

License Plates and Decals

It's time to give your car a bolder, better look. Take ownership for your vehicle with a personalized front license plate or decal from 904 Custom. Getting a new car accessory is a difference that you will notice everyday as you step into your vehicle. Show the world who you are and what you are passionate about. Much of life is spent on the road, so why not drive in style? You can add that personal flair to your car with a custom aluminum front license plate in the pattern of your choice. Stand out with bright colors, a Greek Key print, sophisticated stripes or a floral design. The gift or add-on to your own vehicle gets even more exciting when your initials or full name are part of the automobile make-over.

At 904 Custom, we also car decals made specifically for dog owners. Proudly proclaim what kind of dog you have to everyone in the cars around you. Pick your dog's breed and add the corresponding decal to your car. For example, yours could read "Life is better with a Pug". Each decal has a sweet little image of each breed on the left side of the 2 by 6 inch decal. Remeber, your car is part of your identity. It's time you stood out.