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Damask Sandstone Ceramic Car Coaster

Wrap your cup holder in style with our damask personalized sandstone car coaster. Crafted from the highest quality workmanship, it's sure to become a trendy part of your travels for years to come!

Item #:1016534

Design SKU: car_coaster_107

Damask Sandstone Ceramic Car Coaster

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Damask Sandstone Ceramic Car Coaster

Take along a bit of style while you're on the go with our personalized sandstone car coaster. Decorative, personal, and practical, our custom car coaster will keep your cup holder clean, dry, and free from condensation puddles.

  • Personalized name of your choice
  • Each coaster includes finger slot for easy removal
  • Crafted from naturally absorbent sandstone
  • Each coaster measures approximately 2 1/2" diameter and 1/4" thick