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Grand & Exalted Poobah Desk Plate

Be sure that your workplace looks the best it can be with the help of this Grand & Exalted Poobah desk plate! Awesome for any work desk, order your 2" x 8" quality metal desk plate with holder now!


Grand & Exalted Poobah Desk Plate
Designate your very own "Grand & Exalted Poobah" with this not so serious desk name plate. Almost nothing says says status quite like a top of the line desk name plate! Great for any sort of workplace environment, our 2" x 8" desk plates are customized to your standards and offered in a array of designs for your choosing. These types of engraved desk plates are meant to be fun and display tongue and cheek titles ideal for any job at your company. Each of these name plates are engraved on plastic with an aluminum desk holder. Assured to continue on for a very long time, these custom desk plates will add just the exact range of lightheartedness to any work space. Order your new desk plate and pick your favorite two color style now!
Grand & Exalted Poobah Desk Plate