Personalized Book Stamps

"This Book Belongs To..." Stamps

Proudly reserve the items you love with a "Property of" designation for all your precious belongings. At 904 Custom, you can find book stamps made to leave lasting memories. We save some of our most beloved belongings in closets and on shelves. Book lovers have cherished this tradition for years, leaving their names for all to see when a book is opened. From a young age, children start embracing their sense of identity with a personalized rubber stamp that lets them leave their names on all those unforgettable storybooks. Help your children leave their imprint with self-inking and pre-inked stamps from our collection.

We also designed a special "From the Kitchen" stamp so you can give the chef in your life a personal touch that's just for cookbooks, recipe cards and treat bags. Rubber stamps can make your book inscriptions memorable and special.