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Intern, aka Barista Funny Name Plate

Made from a plethora of first-rate contents, these Intern, aka Barista Funny Name Plates will help to ensure you don't lose your humor while at your work place! Grab yours here!


Intern, aka Barista Funny Name Plate
Nothing gives off the impression of a enjoyable workplace quite like an amusing high quality desk name plate! Fantastic for a casual office setting, this "Intern, aka Barista" Funny Name Plate is a marvelous way to add some style to your office, offered in a large selection of designs for your choosing. Who fetches the office coffee? Show your appreciation. Remember that these desk plates are meant to be amusing and display unofficial job titles. Each of these name plates are engraved on durable plastic and have been hand crafted. Designed to endure for many years to come, these comical office desk plates will add just the right level of fun to any kind of office. Shop for yours here!
Intern, aka Barista Funny Name Plate