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Keep Calm Teacher Coffee Mug

It's all fun and games until someone loses their inside voice. Maintain order with this classic, yet whimsical "Keep Calm" coffee mug.

  • Mug holds 15 oz.
  • Materials: high quality ceramic
  • Dish washer safe.


Design SKU: SBCM_SK_193
Keep Calm Teacher Coffee Mug

The Ministry created the first "Keep Calm" motivational posters during WWII to boost the morale of civilians and servicemen alike. Channel that positivity in your own classroom with this inspired "Keep Calm or I'll Use My Teacher's Voice" 15 oz. mug. The message is a reminder to both you and your students. The little red crown is a fun detail that is sure to make student's curious about your mug. Order yours to stay awake and collected throughout the workday

The Keep Calm Teacher Coffee Mug is the perfect addition to any teacher memorabilia collection. It’s also a joking, laughable way to show your kids that you mean business. Holding fifteen ounces of liquid, this ceramic coffee mug is actually slightly larger than most twelve-ounce coffee mugs. On top of being able to have a message on your mug, you’ll also be able to have all the coffee you need, to get you through the toughest of classes. If you’re having trouble with a class, this mug is perfect to show your students that they shouldn’t push you any further, or you’ll do what the coffee mug says. Let’s face it – nobody likes to hear a teacher raise his or her voice! TheKeep Calm Teacher Coffee Mug is a great addition to any teacher’s coffee mug collection, and will certainly raise eyebrows and turn heads if brought to school. The Keep Calm Teacher Coffee Mug is composed of very high-quality ceramic. Additionally, it’s also completely dishwasher safe. You won’t have to worry about the message fading after being washed a couple of times! The Keep Calm Teacher Coffee Mug is the perfect buy for any teacher. If you decide to hold your hot drink in this ceramic mug, your students will know you mean business!

Keep Calm Teacher Coffee Mug