Small Gifts & Novelties

Unique Gifts & Novelty Items

Small gifts can be one of the best ways to show you affection for a colleague, friend, family member and loved one. That novelty item that matches the taste of the birthday boy, best friend or significant other will be remembered for years to come. No matter how far your children travel - to college or even overseas - they can carry with them a personalized gift like a Custom Portrait Luggage Tag. Unique gifts are also a great way to reward yourself, celebrate a recent accomplishment or express who you are.

Personal Gifts to Celebrate Moms, Dads and Birthdays

Holidays like Mother's Day, Father's Day and birthdays give you a chance to tell someone that you get them. You know that friend loves to travel. You know your mom spends long hours working at her desk. You know your dad enjoys the taste of a delicious craft beer. These unique items let you communicate to the important people in your life that they matter to you. And a little gift can bring joy into an everyday moment.  

Search our collection of useful, humorous, sentimental, sweet and stylish gifts. View 904 Custom's unique items such as personalized bottle opener, collectible buttons, keychains, lighters, flasks and novelty desk plates. Bring laughter into the everyday and share a moment of surprise with the people you love. Find that little treasure that will create a lifelong memory at 904 Custom.