Personalized Backpack Tags

Customizable Backpack Tags

Which bag belongs to you? Colorful book bag tags make recognizing your belongings simple. Help your kids keep track of their backpacks with vibrant personalized book bag tags from 904 Custom. Each double-sided tag measures 2.5 x 4 inches. Made from durable acrylic material. Custom backpack tags allow you to quickly identify your child's bag. Hint: It's the one with the UNICORNS! Finish back to school shopping with a personalized tag for each of your kids.

Monogram ID Tags with Color Choices

Customize your backpack tag with initials and color options. Many of our fun tag designs allow you to pick! Select bag tags available in color Bubble Gum Pink, Marigold Orange, Midnight Blue, Aqua Blue, Pine Green, Mint Green, Candy Apple Red, Raspberry Purple and Light Gray. Explore ID tag designs featuring watermelons, sports themes, polka dots, chevron prints and flamingos! Include personalized details such as monograms, full names, and phone numbers. Teachers and parents can easily distinguish between book bags when each is marked with a custom bag tag. Get ready for school or your next vacation with personalized luggage tags for kids.