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Logo Stamps

Showcase your brand on cards, packaging, letterhead and more with a custom logo stamp! We offer several options and styles to suit all kinds of logos, from simple to intricate designs. Take your small business to the next level with a professional logo stamp from 904 Custom.

Personalized Logo Stamps

Whether you're an Etsy seller or you're opening your first corner coffee shop, be sure to put your brand on display every chance you can! Our custom logo stamps add a professional and stylish touch to letterhead, business cards, gift tags, mail and more! Present yourself professionally with quality custom logo stamps that come in several styles and options. We offer pre-inked, self-inking and traditional wooden hand stamps. Each style of stamp offers different benefits.

If your logo is detailed and intricate, order a pre-inked stamp. These stamps come with a pre-inked pad that delivers precise impressions of your design, but is not ideal for rapid and repeated use.

If you need a stamp that you can use quickly throughout the day, order a self-inking stamp. Self-inking logo stamps allow you to stamp receipts, paperwork and more repeatedly throughout the day, without needing much time between uses. You can choose from several ink colors for your pre-inked stamp.

Lastly, if you'd like to switch out ink colors often, get a traditional hand stamp. These classic logo stamps do not come with an ink pad, but they're great for the business owner who wants to change up their logo's look with a fresh ink color. We have several ink pad options to choose from.

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Personalized Teacher StampsSignature Stamps
Personalized Address StampsBullet Journal Stamps
Personalized Teacher Stamps
Signature Stamps
Personalized Address Stamps
Bullet Journal Stamps