Cute Mouse Pads

Custom Mouse Pads

Get motivation throughout the workday with a personalized mouse pad that features designs, words and colors that inspire you. 904 Custom is your home for making unique items like "Create Your Own" mouse pads. We have rectangle and round options to give you even more creative reach. From there you pick the colors, text and images that match your mood. Or, skip the DIY steps and simply choose the background pattern for your monogram. Get a modern look with the Black Marble Mouse Pad. Just imagine what your desk would look like with this "Hexagon Geometric Rectangular Mouse Pad"!

Brighten those long hours you spend at the computer with an intriguing pattern of honeycomb, houndstooth or polka dot playfulness. Our designers have an assortment of fonts and color schemes they put together to help you find just what you are looking for. Create your own design with the rectangle or round mouse pad that matches your work vibes. Shop for yourself or order a gift for that friend starting a new job or child getting ready to graduate.