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Trodat Ideal 1 oz Ink Bottle

Trodat (Ideal) Ink Refill 1 ounce

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Trodat Ideal 1 oz Ink Bottle

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Trodat Ideal 1 oz Ink Bottle
Need ink? Trodat (Ideal) Ink is formulated for crisp, fast-drying impressions without bleeding or fading on most paper stocks. Available in black, blue, red, green, purple and orange. Easy to refill with the Trodat (Ideal) Self-Inking stamps patented re-inking system. Keep your hands clean! Add ink on the pad bottom. Ink flows evenly on the pad and in just minutes your stamper is ready to go. The following stamps can use the Trodat (Ideal) Ink Refills: Trodat (Ideal), Trodat, Green Line, Cosco, 2000plus, Maxum and Shiny. Trodat (Ideal) Ink Refills are not safe to use in Ultimark, XStamper, MaxLight or Bates brand stamps.