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You Need a Beer Maple Bottle Opener

You're not you when you're thirsty, so take some advice from your trusty little bottle opened and drink up!

  • Dimensions are 1.25" x 4"
  • Built-in magnet for easy refrigerator placement
  • Solid Maple wood construction

Item #:1007789

Design SKU: bottle_opener_104

You Need a Beer Maple Bottle Opener

You Need a Beer Maple Bottle Opener
After a hard day at work, you just want to sit down in your recliner, grab the remote and have a beer. This You Need a Beer Maple Wood bottle opener will be your BFF as you relax from all your stress of the day. This bottle opener has a built-in magnetic so you can store it on the outside of your refrigerator giving you easy access to quickly open your bottle. Bottle Opener knows best! This "You Need a Beer" Maple Bottle Opener serves as a constant reminder to treat yourself. Best of all, because our craftsmen hand-engrave these right here in the USA, you can be sure you'll enjoy your novelty product for years to come! Order now-!